Who we are ?

Nudge is a Belgian company founded in 2008 by a director and a composer with more than 15 years varied experience.

The company is active in the audiovisual sector, communication and training. In its sector, Nudge Productions offers a versatile and diverse service with specific technical expertise. Nudge has more than one string to its bow. The company has an acknowledged expertise in all stages of film production. The company is competent in both script writing and music, as well as in the shooting, recording, editing and mixing processes.

The birth of Nudge Productions coincided with the need for our clients to receive the special attention that fulfils their expectations. We provide a helpful experience to their communication project within a precise and clearly defined budget. We own all our shooting and post-production equipment. This means substantial savings and significant flexibility for our customers. Nudge Productions mobilises specific talents for each dedicated task.

The most important part of our service is creativity. The level of quality and technical requirements are high. We care about what we can bring to the client and their audience. These are our three core values. We work where our expertise has real value.

We deliver different type of audiovisual productions services : institutional ( Belgian Red Cross – Brailleliga ), corporate movies ( Presentation, news, etc. ), educational movies (Gracq – Cyclistes au quotidien), induction movies (Aban ), advertising (Grey – RTBF/Vivacité), documentaries (UWE). Our crew has travelled and worked in different african countries such as Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, South Africa, Burkina Faso,…

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